The Client Experience

We Will Build You a Plan

After the initial meeting with your Advisor and your situation is completely understood, we will develop an Investment Policy Statement (IPS). The IPS is the guiding document and delineates how your portfolio will be managed. It clearly defines the goals and objectives of your portfolio and details our strategies for meeting them. The IPS also illustrates the types of, and allocations to, investments that may be used in your portfolio as well its projected risk and return.

Your Portfolio Will Be Well Diversified

Your personal circumstances, willingness and ability to accept risk and desire for return will help determine which type of portfolio is right for you. We have sophisticated trading software to help monitor your portfolio and keep your investment mix balanced. In addition, we constantly screen the investment landscape to discover opportunities beneficial to your portfolio. We implement investment strategies with institutionally priced and/or no-load mutual funds.

We Will Try to Minimize Taxes

We are aware of how taxes can affect your wealth, so we use sophisticated trading software to maximize the tax-efficiency of your portfolio. This can entail tax loss harvesting, specific tax lot identification and positioning certain income producing securities in tax-deferred accounts to shelter the income from federal and state income taxes. Additionally, to the extent possible, our software will undertake sales of securities in tax deferred accounts rather than taxable accounts to minimize the impact of rebalancing your portfolio on your tax situation.

You will also be informed on a weekly basis with our blog that will help keep you abreast of developments in the markets that affect your portfolio and help make sense of the noise that you are barraged with by the new media nearly every day.

Comprehensive and Informative Reporting

Many investors don’t know how their portfolio is progressing toward its intended goal. We will provide you access to BlueView, our state-of-the-art web site so that you can evaluate how you are tracking relative to you goals. Additionally, we prepare a quarterly commentary with our thoughts on the markets and current investment themes that accompanies an easy to understand quarterly portfolio performance report. This performance report gives a concise assessment of your investment returns with comparisons to appropriate market benchmarks, so you always know how you are doing. You also have access to your portfolio information 24/7 through our website and

To augment the information we provide, Fidelity Investments will send monthly brokerage statements directly to you and provide tax reporting that will help you prepare your income tax return.

Invested Alongside You

We invest in the mutual funds and strategies we use for our clients. We also prefer to use mutual fund managers who have a significant financial commitment to the funds they manage. This aligns our success with that of our clients.

Safety of Your Money

Blue Water does not take possession of have custody of any client funds. We have selected Fidelity Investments, to serve as the independent custodian and safekeeper of our client’s assets. We believe Fidelity has the resources, tools and financial strength required for us to best serve your investment needs. We do not receive any compensation from Fidelity Investments nor do they have any financial interest in Blue Water Capital Management.