Institutional Retirement Plans

At Blue Water Capital Management we provide businesses and their employees the tools and expertise to construct a simple, flexible, cost effective retirement plan. Independent advice from the professionals gives your business the confidence in knowing its retirement plan is on track for success.

Plan Design

Blue Water Capital Management can help you design and build the most cost effective retirement plan for your business’ needs. By partnering with administrators and record-keepers both big and small, we can help customize the most appropriate plan for you. With a Chartered Retirement Plan Specialist (CRPS®) on staff, Blue Water will help you build a retirement plan to best suit your employees and your business.

Plan Investment Management

Blue Water can help you in deciding which investment options may be most appropriate within your company’s retirement plan. In addition, Blue Water can also provide you with customized model portfolios on your plan to give you and your employee’s access to institutional wealth management.


You may decide that providing your employees with sound financial advice from professionals would be beneficial to an already existing retirement plan. Blue Water Capital can not only help your employees navigate their retirement benefit options, we can also consult you, the business owner, on the quality of the investment options in your existing retirement plan.