Financial advisors

Third Party Asset Management

Blue Water Capital Management helps independent Financial Advisors make sense of the financial markets by offering a customized approach, through both strategic and tactical investment strategies. As your fee-based asset management partner, Blue Water Capital Management allows you to spend more time focusing on your clients’ overall needs by relieving the burdensome, yet essential, tasks of day-to-day portfolio management and back office activities. By considering all of your clients’ investment and life needs, you are able to provide more comprehensive support to help them reach their goals. Blue Water Capital Management applies a fiduciary standard to the design and implementation of all client portfolios. Blue Water Capital Management adheres to strict standards of fiduciary responsibility, which makes the process transparent and compliant for advisors acting in the best interest of their clients.

As your third party money manager, Blue Water partners with you to provide your clients with institutional wealth management services. Blue Water will provide you with the tools necessary to conduct fact-finding meetings, proposal meetings, as well as information and back office support to help you strengthen the relationship with your clients.

Move to Independence

As you look to move to an independent practice, Blue Water can provide valuable experience, tools and assistance in your transition as well as intensive ongoing support. We have helped many Advisors successfully navigate this transition that serve as our success stories.